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TUESDAY MISSOURI LEAGUE: Team Chathams 13 2. Ebel Hay Hauling 10 5. Bryant Chiropractic 8 7. Red Carpet Car Wash 7 8. Capital RV 6 9. Interstate Engineering 1 14. 1_W XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 20. GARAGE SALES (Seminole Producer)

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When it all started, I think we all chuckled and said it would never happen, said Moreira, an Amber Trails resident.

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However in the rural areas where the benefits of a burgeoning economy are not felt, the rate remains steady and very low.

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We insist our suppliers provide safe working conditions, (and) treat workers with dignity and respect, said spokeswoman Carolyn Wu. Our suppliers must live up to these requirements if they want to keep doing business with Apple. pple supplier in China a

The limited edition Jeff Koons bag for H

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Karen Penning of Buffalo Center remembers looking up in the sky, seeing a plane and thinking it was headed for Korea. Around the Valley (Montrose Daily Press)

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KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, they were, but, you know, a funny thing about that, because they were simultaneously people who were furious with the British. Furious with the British for taxing them, for not letting them make their pig iron into hammer and spades,

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