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Create a dropdown attribute called shoe_type and add options for each type of shoe you want to filter on (nike, reebok, whatever). Note the dropdown attribute IDs. I ve tested it and it works.

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(Anthony Souffle, Chicago Tribune)

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Limit time spent in heeled shoes to only what is necessary.

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So the thought of the Nike swoosh it snapped up privately owned Converse for 5m (186m) yesterday appearing next to the Converse star logo will send a shiver through the cool.

Nike has not revealed what the release date will be for the What The MVP, but they have said it only be available in very limited quantities in North America and China.

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Quello che dice Alberto perfetto, ma, se cos posso dire, un poco laterale.

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Following the recently concluded meeting of China Parliament, Premier Wen Jiabao addressed the issue.

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