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If you have been looking for something that helps you keep track of how weel you work out and to notify you when you are not doing so, your wait is over. Nike and TomTom have joined hands to bring out a new GPS system that is integrated in a sports watch

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Miniature Socks, 2001 2002 This and That In late 2001 I went through a period of knitting miniature socks with piano wire needles and sewing thread or tatting cotton. Here is my first pair, along with one of the homemade needles. I belonged to the Knitli

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Kelley said the divisional chase is shaping up as he expected.

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MLC is testing the appetite for the device by rolling out 1500 to existing customers through its MLC On Track program. The device, which has a four day battery life, measures its user s heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activities.

When you talk to consumers, especially those 18 and older, some prefer our brand, some prefer other brands. But when you get into that seven , eight , nine , ten year old consumer, they don t understand that we ve only been around for a short period of ti

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The equity component creates a unique dynamic for him, Yormark said. As we continue to build his portfolio off the court, these are the types of opportunities we want to explore. These brands he s working with are brands we want him to have relationship

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Many more types of crowdfunding can take place since hundreds of thousands of dollars in legals fees are not necessary to create an asset for trading.

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